March 3 - April 24, 2016

T O ______  B R I D G E S ______ is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition, High & Tight, bringing together three independent bodies of work by Miles Huston, Dana Powell, and Zachary Susskind. Through drawing, painting, and sculpture, this selection surveys the potential of line to birth new space through the confinement of old, exploring contrast through connection. Utilizing an economy of approach, each artist provokes the tension between material and surface, amplifying the point of impact between disparate forms.

Miles Huston’s (b. 1981, Boston, MA ) drawings have their beginnings in the color theory experiments of Josef Albers. His colored pencil works are realized through a simple algorithmic system designed to create an infinite but non-repeating tile pattern. This methodology, which dictates the distribution of lines and their infilling, lends a kind of naturalism to the geometries within the works. Rather than insisting upon any particular outcome, Huston allows the geometries within the works to settle into brightly colored fields of intermittent harmony.

Dana Powell’s (b. 1989, Milwaukee, WI) oil paintings depicting polished elevator doors feature a closely cropped perspective illustrating the intimate meeting of two inversely identical objects that in fact never touch. The narrow gap separating the metallic panels runs the length of the canvas, suggesting a limitless space beyond its edges. With a single gesture of bisection, Powell disrupts the otherwise seamless facade of the canvas while effectively depicting the liminality resulting from the impossibility of contact.

Zachary Susskind’s (b. 1986, Los Angeles, CA) sculptures facilitate dialogues between overlooked objects and materials that would otherwise be improbable, forming relationships rooted in opposition and diversity. His sculptures foster material of little structural integrity in situations where full extension of their inherent properties is relied upon to achieve illusions of weight and tension. Balancing stubborn, rigid forms with yielding, malleable counterparts, the sculptures depend upon their sites, addressing their own inherent disparities while simultaneously defining the spaces they inhabit.

Located in the South Bronx, T O ______  B R I D G E S ______  features two main entrances accessible by roll-up gates. One contains a 60 square-foot project space open to the street entitled Overhead, and behind the other lies Practical Arts, a workshop dedicated to community based educational initiatives. In the rear of the building, two galleries exist side-by-side, programmed bi-monthly.